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Alexander More

Alexander More is an award-winning climate scientist and economist. He is Assistant Research Professor at the Climate Change Institute and Research Associate at Harvard University, where he also earned his PhD and where he has taught and conducted research for the last fifteen years. He is a fellow of the Theodore Roosevelt Institute and Associate Professor of Environmental Health at LIU in New York City.

Dr. More leads a project on the impact of environmental change on human and ecosystem health and the economy. He is one of the founders of the discipline of archaeoscience, combining natural, historical and archaeological records in landmark articles and interviews featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, The Guardian, Popular Science, Natural History Magazine, and more than 150 other print and online publications worldwide.

He is a fellow of the Explorers Club, the former Managing Director of the World Ocean Forum, and Director of Communications at Blue Ocean Watch. Raised and educated in southern Italy and Greece in the early part of his life, More moved permanently to New York City on his own to complete his secondary education. He attended college in Chicago and eventually Washington University in St. Louis. Immediately after graduation, he continued his studies in an interdisciplinary PhD program at Harvard University, where he earned multiple awards and remains today.

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