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William B Daniels, II President and Founder, Daniels Family Sustainable Energy Foundation

William B. Daniels, II

President and Founder

William B. Daniels, II has innovated and patented new technologies in the area of thermal management for the past 40 years. Having applied scientific discoveries in thermal management and sustainability in the business of passive ventilation of enclosed attics, he is now expanding into passive habitation solutions, through the nano-insulation of enclosed spaces, extending the reach and applicability of his inventions to entire buildings.

Heat abatement is a serious and urgent endeavor for the world at large, because living spaces worldwide are becoming too hot for comfortable use and result in an ever rising number of air conditioning installations which are dependent on fossil fuels.  Concurrently, renewable energy solutions are such a small part of global energy supply that they do not yet provide the urgent solution needed to address climate change. 

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